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Since I continuously bitch when The Queen posts, she is my new av.
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This is what Bush is doing to our Freedoms and Country!
Originally Posted by lopoetve View Post

or vdmsound.

Both of which still count as emulation in my book
Grand supreme leader of the zumpiez army. FEAR US.
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I gotta find this game, never owned it but it's all i would play when I went to my friends.
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Originally Posted by PoPNFrEsH6298 View Post

It's beeeaaauuuuutiful!
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Originally Posted by theNoid View Post
One of my most FAVORITE games of all time.

Old school LucasArts > most.

original dark forces
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Impeach and try Bush/Cheney! 911 was an inside job!
I miss Lucas Fan Games...He wanted to redo all the Classic and Fat Man No Neck sent lawyers after him....
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