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Originally Posted by sir tex View Post
go play in traffic
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Nah i was grinding 3 dots, but i would end up chasing ppl down for pvp. So i guess it really wasnt cosntant grinding.

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Originally Posted by Labrador View Post
I was always interested in this game but heard suck bad press about it I stayed far away......But I am also just burned out on the WoW grind fest, I mean from Level1 to Level70 is exatcly the same in WoW, go collect 10 dingo whiskers and return them and then go see the witch and talk to her, repeat and rinse for 70 Level's......Fighting too is just a boring click fest, and ya nedd to kill hundreds of the same thing to level up and same old sh!t for 70 Level's, just hack and slash the whole time = World of Sleepcraft

Do you like ANY video games?
Ignore these four words.
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Originally Posted by Roam View Post
Do you like ANY video games?

I was addicted to WoW back in 2004/2005, playing five days a week for like one year straight, then bam all of a sudden it just hit me in the head how repetitive the game can be, and brain dead hack and slash, same thing over and over I stopped playing......Now I play for a couple months and have fun then got burned out and take a month or two off, then go back again

I have a love/hate relationship with WoW, waiting for the next best MMORPG, hoping WarHammer Online will be that ?? Or maybe a WoW2.0, but who knows when the heck that may be, or it could be World of Diablo in 2009 ??

Other than that the last game I was really into was Doom]l[, Baldurs Gate series, still love StarCraft all these years later, Quake2CTF was my most favorite online game in the 90's, etc...
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everytime i get tired of wow, i play dota. Although this time i think i might be done for good finally.
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