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quick xbox 360 return shipping question

ok, I finally got the box to ship my 360 out in. and now I have a problem, or I at least think it's a problem. It's actually been almost 4 weeks since i first called about my xbox and Ive been doing the run around. I ended up gettig 3 reference numbers in the end of all this.

Now I remember the first guy I spoke to told me to write down the reference number and place it IN the box. So since I had 3 reference numbers I used the most recent one I got. I wrote it down and on paper and placed it in the box. packaged it and sealed it with the sticky tape they give you. Now, I went to place the return label On the box and noticed the reference number on there they had is from the SECOND guy from when I called.

So whats going to happen. what do the reference numbers do anyway?

does it matter? I cant take the tape off because it wont stick back on and the box will looked tampered with... although I could just retape it with my own tape, but does it really matter?
Old 07-17-2007, 09:43 AM yesbutwhocares is offline  
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People are stupid, I wouldn't give them too much to think about, and if your reference number is expired, they might just send it right back.

Do the smart thing so your Xbox doesn't wind up in some black hole as MS.
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