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Recommend me a mousepad

Current mousepad is a funcpad, 10"x9.5". It appears that they no longer sell these. I'm looking for something the same size or slightly smaller. The space I actually use is 7"x8".


edit: budget is ~$10/yr until I'll need to replace it.

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I've had this Allsop metal one from a local computer store for about 6 years now, roughly 20-30 when I bought it(Canadian).

It has a really smooth upper surface, I would guess teflon but I really have no idea, and on the bottom it has this grippy rubber mat. Works perfectly for anything I've ever put on it, my MX518 works great.

Edit: 10x8 in.

Double edit:
This one:,63/
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I use a Razer Goliathus. Works well enough.
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I went to michaels craft supply to get some foam rubber padding for my sander and realized that it would make a great mouse pad. It comes in sheets about 8"X16"X3/16". It's cheap and you can cut it to any size or shape.I just glued mine right next to my keyboard, no problems. Best pad ever.
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I still have a couple xtrac hammers. dunno how good they are compared to others but I like them.
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steelseries QcK mousepad is awesome
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Originally Posted by OlderBoy View Post

i bought a nice allsop from staples a couple years ago, worked great, but after some use there were multiple spots where the mouse would not read anything. It would simple not work.

bought the $15 TF2 one from the valve store and it works alot better than my allsop one ever did.

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9 replies and no one said FUNC yet?

purebooyah = cran
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I replaced my Ratpad with this one:

It's super cheap, but works really well. It's large enough to function as both a mousepad and a coaster for my drink while I'm playing SC2.
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I'm a pretty big fan of the SteelSeries pads.
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