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Official WoW Sales Thread (No New WoW Threads)

Hey everyone. WoW sales are taking over the D&S, and it was never the intention of D&S to be a huge WoW sales market. Instead of banning the sales of WoW accounts here, we (Myself, other mods, and Sanjay) have decided to consolidate all WoW sales into one thread, this one.

As of the current date of making this thread (5/18/08), edits are not allowed by posters after a certain time period. Sorry about that, but it seems there is not a way to allow edits in 1 subforum and disallow them in others at the same time.

This should be simple enough that everyone can follow these rules. For the first month violations will not be punished. After the first month, infractions will be given out. Feel free to repost one of your old threads (Which will all be closed), into this one.

How to use this thread:

Please treat this thread as a message board all of it's own. As a seller, you are to post a reply to this thread with what you have for sale just as if you were making a new thread about your WoW account for sale. That is to be the only post you make in this thread.
Do not:
  • Bump this thread
  • Post replies to questions, etc of tards who cannot follow rules
  • Complain about this change
  • Include relitive information about your character
  • Include a price in the thread
  • Include your email / contact information in the thread
  • Read your PM's and reply to buyers this way
If you find an account you are interested in purchasing, PM the seller. Do not post a reply, question, etc in this thread. You can also put up a WTB in this thread as a buyer.

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#1 Cock Smoker
meyou's Avatar
70 Draenei Shaman PVP Server

Epic Flyer (Swift Red Gryphon)
Aldor/Shattar/Lower City/Violet Eye/Cenarion/Shattered Sun Exalted
All heroic keys
t4+ geared
<250 rep from skyguard exalted
netherwing attuned
100 resil pvp set
1500 heals resto set
epic elekk and black pvp tiger

$250 O.B.O.
Old 05-18-2008, 01:02 PM meyou is offline  
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FS: 70 Tauren Warrior, full 5/5 season3, Legendary TF + Col. Edition PVP

5/5 vengeful gladiator + all vindicator accessories + AP pvp trinket
LEGENDARY Thunderfuy w/ Mongoose, still one of the best tanking sword in the game
375 BS/mining
300 epic riding skill (drake)
FULL 9/9 Dreadnaught (best graphic armor set)
Over 7+ exalted rep
Best enchants/epic gems in every slot

also got various weapon: s1 sword/axe/mace/Stormherald/Dragonmaw (all enchanted) to fit your style

PVP set:

Not much of a tanking gears, max Defense: 510 and key for all heroics.

I'm looking to get $350 for this account, im paypal verified and have bought ton of stuff here and people can vouch for me.

This is the collector's edition, and i can mail out the box for an extra 25 bucks, its freaking huge.

AIM: haiphan02
5896ee48aa7fa9979567ac8d9a788d01 []

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WTS/WTT 70 Human Warrior w/lock


Selling my Warrior, hes on Moonguard RP server right now, transfer is available.

Account comes with approx. 3000 gold, portals deck, tons of mats, gems, potions, etc etc.

375 engineering, 375 mining, 375 cooking, 375 first aid, 375 fishing.


-epic helms - Crafted T5 lvl engineering helms, tankatronic and furious gizmatic helm (tank and dps), epic leather helm (that cool looking black cowl hood looking one)
-epic necklaces - various epic necklaces, Tank, dps, pvp
-epic chest - chest, chestguard of the stoic guardian, gladiators chestpeice
-epic belts - crimson girdle of the indomitable, red belt of battle
-epic plate legs - wrynn dynasty greaves, gladiators legs
-epic boots - jungle stompers, boots of elusion
-epic trinkets - moroes lucky pocket watch, autoblocker 600, various dps and pvp ones.
-epic gun - gyro balanced khorium destroyer,
-epic shields - gladiators shield wall, shatar rep shield
-epic weapons - kings defender, sun eater (mongoose), felsteel longblade, pvp 1h axes (both mongoose, one slow one fast), gorehowl 2h axe
-epic bracers - vambraces of courage, vindicators bracers
-epic back - slikk's cloak of placation, dps cloak (epic forget which it is)
-epic shoulders - mantle of abrahmis, badge dps plate shoulders (the ones with skulls)
-epic rings - various epic tank and dps rings

95% of the gear has the good gems and quality enchants, tons of extra blues and other epics.

Tank specced right now 3/10/48
14684 hp
16928 armor
21.68% dodge
14.14% parry
24.55% block
11 expertise
54 hit rating

hes a heavy threat generator, great for raiding and pushing hard, never looses agro on bosses.

I think the dps set has 190 resilience, needs some more resilience gear but has more than enough for starting out in arena.

Epic flying skill paid for,
mounts: turbocharged flying machine, green netherdrake, rare turtle mount, epic/non-epic gryphons, skygard rep so you can buy netherray, epic land mounts etc.

Has all heroic keys, and most reps exalted.

Account also has a 63 warlock, most of the heavy grinding already done, ready to start up and go whatever path you choose. I think it also has a 40ish hunter on some other server.

Not sure how much to ask, I guess I could take offers, I woudl like to get 300, I am also open to trading for various computer equipment, or electronics.

send me a PM, I also have MSN available.
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FS: WoW account w/5 70s Horde PvP Transfer up

On Ursin(US) PvP Horde side:

70 Priest Undead Male
1800 Healing full epic with decent shadow set
375 Tailor(Mooncloth)/Enchanting
Epic Flying

70 Hunter Orc Male
4 piece Glad. and blues
375 Mining/Engineering
Epic Flying

70 Rogue Undead Male
2 piece Glad. with Glad. maces and blues
375 Mining 373 Jewel
Regular Flying

70 Mage Undead Male
Blue and green gear
375 Herb. 370 Alch.
Regular Flying

On Lightninghoof(US) RPPvP Alliance side:

70 Shaman Draenei Male
Partial PvP healing set (1100+)
350 Blacksmithing 375 Mining
Regular Flying

Have about 1000g spread on account and a few other sub lvl 30 alts.
Also all name changes and transfers are up.
This is my original account and I have all information for it.
Asking $800 obo, email me for armory info at
Old 05-19-2008, 04:00 AM Nadroj952 is offline  
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FS: WoW 70 Mage Aliance PvP

I am looking to get rid of my mage. It is a human and a US PvP server with transfer up. It has gear able to reach the hit cap and is 25-man ready. Has crafted spellfire set and the spellstrike pants. It has 33% crit and 950 dmg in hit cap gear. Has 180 resilience in PvP gear, but is saving up for season 4, and when that comes out should have enough to buy 2 pieces of season 4, 3 pieces of season 2 and the two rings, since it has all the vindicators, this will be a huge upgrade in resilience.

so in short

25-man ready
hit capped
950 dmg
33% crit

180 resilience
770 dmg
75k honor saved up (honor cap for season 4)
3600+ arena points saved up (cap is 5k)

I am looking for 300 but will take offers.
Email or Aim me.
Old 05-20-2008, 03:08 PM Laurquelme is offline  
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WTB Lock

Looking for a Horde Lock 60+ on pvp server with transfer up.

and no botting accounts please.

give me a good price
fuck you
Old 05-21-2008, 04:08 PM Kyle_charest is offline  
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WTT: A 342 Res Ret pali (also has 1400 Healing PVE gear set)
and a 890 Spell damage/35% Crit Ele shammy (PVE)

PVP Server, Alliance.

Looking for equally geared chars, Rogue, lock, druid is what I'm aiming for, mension other chars if you want. (My pvp gear is on, when pve im at 890-900 damage)

AIM -z0s01987
or PM. Thanks
Old 05-22-2008, 06:03 PM BinaryMasta is offline  
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WTS Level 70 Undead Warlock

5/5 Season 3
Has the offhand
Full set of pvp gear. 475 Resil.
300 flying (Drake and Nether Ray)
Has all the PvP mounts plus the War Talbuk from faction in Nagrand
Extra 30k honor saved up, plus 50 or so tokens from each battleground
Best enchants on everything
Exalted with 5+ factions
375 Tailoring and Enchanting
Have 1000+ gold
13k health, 1250 spell damage
Transfer and name change are up

Has T5 equiv gear for destro if you choose to raid
Several rare items (Egbert, Picnic Basket, other pets)

I'm the only one with access to the account. When you buy it, you get full access (secret question, password, email, cd keys, etc)

Asking 600
Email me for armory at
Old 05-23-2008, 08:30 PM Watercup is offline  
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WTT a lvl 70 palladin for lvl 70 shaman or gnome rouge or nightelf

full epics kara loooking for a lvl 70 shaman on us pvp server. if intersted pm for contact info
Old 05-24-2008, 11:02 PM yinluckymoney is offline  
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Bashing Orcs since 1994
TheDude's Avatar
I got the X-51 Nether-Rocket Loot card from the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game. This loot card enables you to get the X-51 Nether-Rocket, both the 60% speed and the 260% speed flying mount. You still need the appropriate riding skill, but you'll have a one of a kind mount.

The card is currently unscratched and in a card-protector, I've been trying to find my camera since I've gotten it from last night, so pics will soon follow if anyone shows interest.

I have no heatware or ebay accounts, I just never dealed with 'em. However I've boughten offa here a number of times, so hopefully that accounts for something.

The price I'm asking is $300. That seems to be the average going rate on eBay.

As far as any other questions, just ask here or email/IM

Email :
AIM : Terranfirebat101
"If spamming was a religion, UnholyKnight would be Holy Mary and TheDude would be... well, TheDude." -Lukeswall
Proud [M]ember of the "The" Club.
Onan is my adopted 18k
LanUP Staff [M]ember
XBOX [M]odder Club
Jeff of Team Jeff
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WTT lvl 70 paladin

WTT my lvl 70 paladin for a lvl 70 shaman aim me yinlucky name of paladin is contractkilr
Old 05-25-2008, 08:17 AM yinluckymoney is offline  
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Wellllll since my thread got locked:

Real life obligations are preventing me from playing WoW as much as I would like to, so im searching to see if I can sell my account at a value that would be worthwhile. This account has 5 level 70 characters, a Mage, Shaman, Rogue, Druid, and Paladin. Details as follows:

Please note: Mage or Shaman can come with up to 5000 gold for a negotiable additional price

Mage: Windrunner

Some of the best high end raiding gear avaiable to anyone.
-6/8 T6 (Head, Gloves, Chest, Legs, Boots, Shoulders)
-4/5 S3 PVP gear (Missing Shoulders)
-375 Tailor and Enchanter
-Tempest of Chaos
-Skull of Gul'dan
-5000 Banked Arena Points
-Zul Aman Bear Mount
-Netherdrake Mount


Cowl of the Illidari Highlord
Cowl of the Tempest
Vengeful Gladiator's Silk Cowl

Hellfire-Encased Pendant
Talisman of the Sun King
Veteran's Pendant of Conquest

Mantle of the Tempest
Merciless Gladiator's Silk Amice

Cloak of the Illidari Council
Cloak of Subjugated Power

Robes of the Tempest
Vengeful Gladiator's Silk Rainment

Cuffs of Devastation
Veteran's Silk Cuffs

Gloves of the Tempest
Vengeful Gladiator's Silk Gloves

Anetheron's Noose
Vetaran's Silk Belt

Leggings of Channeled Elements
Vengeful Gladiator's Silk Leggings

Boots of the Tempest
Vindicator's Silk Footguards

Vindicator's Band of Dominance
Veteran's Band of Dominance
Ring of Captured Storms
Band of the Eternal Sage

Skull of Gul'Dan
Icon of the Silver Crescent
Sextant of Unstable Currents
2 Minute Pvp Trinket

Tempest of Chaos
Merciless Gladiator's Spellblade (I believe tempest is better for pvp, so I never bought the S3 dagger)

Chronical of Dark Secrets
Vengeful Gladiator's Endgame

Carved Witch Doctors Stick
Vengeful Gladiator's Touch of Defeat

This character sports 1326 Fire spelldamage unbuffed with max PVE hit rating, as well as almost 34% fire crit.

Also available, either on the same account or seperately, my shaman:

Shaman: Windrunner

Once again, some of the best restoration raiding gear currently out there.
-4/8 T6 Restoration Gear (Helm, Chest, Shoulders, Pants)
-4/5 S3 Resto PVP Gear (HAVE shoulders, Missing helm)
-375 Alchemist
-Healing Haste set with 138 haste, (8% cast reduction)
-Elemental set with some goodies such as T6 shoulders and Pants, Lightning Capacitor, Archimonde Shield.
-Enhancement set with Fury, Rage, and a good chunk of Kara/ZA level enhance gear.

Skyshatter Helmet
Gladiator's Ringmail Helm

Shattered Sun Pendant of Restoration
Vindicator's Pendant of Salvation

Skyshatter Shoulderpads
Vengeful Gladiator's Ringmail Spaulders

Shroud of the Final Stand
Kharmaa's Shroud of Hope

Skyshatter Chestguards
Vengeful Gladiator's Ringmail Armor

Rejuvinating Bracers
Vindicator's Ringmail Bracers

Gloves of Unfailing Faith
Vengeful Gladiator's Ringmail Gauntlets

Life-Step Belt
Vindicator's Ringmail Girdle

Skyshatter Leggings
Vindicator's Ringmail Leggings

Treads of the Life Path
Vindicator's Ringmail Sabatons

Signet of the Quiet Forest
Aveena's Touch
Vindicator's Band of Salvation
Veteran's Band of Salvation

Battlemasters Preservance
Redeemers Alchemist Stone
Essence of the Martyr
Vial of the Sunwell
Lightning Capacitor

Vengeful Gladiator's Salvation

Enamelled Disk of Mojo
Merciless Gladiator's Redoubt

Totem of the Healing Rains
Totem of the Void

This character sports 2355 +healing with 225 MP5 with water shield. Amazing for PVE and PVP healing, with most slots being best in slot.

Also on this account is a level 70 alliance draenei paladin on Runetotem, mainly geared for protection spec (T5/ZA/Badge Gear) but also has a decent ret set.

Additionally there is a 70 Horde Tauren Druid on Runetotem, feral spec, sporting T4/Kara/Badge gear for the most part.

Finally, there is a 70 Alliance Night Elf Rogue on Firetree (A pvp server) with mostly leveling gear, but she has the gladiator's pummeler offhand mace and the gladiator's season 1 gloves.

Please contact me on AIM at Everfast113 in order to talk business - no scammers please, you'll just get blocked. I've done this before, so don't waste your time trying. If im not on AIM, email me at diogee19 at hotmail dot com.

This is a great chance for someone to make a good profit splitting these characters up and reselling them. I will let the whole account go for 1.1k, or sell the mage seperately for 700 or the shaman seperately for 700.

Thanks and good luck
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Quake 2 > *
WTB - Human female Warrior or Rogue on a PvP server. Transfer up a bonus, but I'm willing to wait it out if not.

PM, Reply here, or AIM: oRaptoRo
2fe4157e9a857fdc1f2915dcd7a03c36 []
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Looking to buy alliance druid, level 70, as cheep as they come. Must be on a pvp server, transfer up.
Old 05-26-2008, 06:25 PM Laurquelme is offline  
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