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i'm a fullblown fag.
New England Metal and Hardcore Festival

Havent been in a couple of years but really want to go to this years event , its 2 days , 3 if you include the pre-party that kicks off Thursday April 17th

Lists of Bands playing are

Friday :: All That Remains, The Acacia Strain,
August Burns Red, Suffocation, The Haunted, Napalm Death, Whitechapel, Kataklysm, Cattle Decapitation, Veil of Maya, Abigail Williams, Decrepit Birth, Psycroptic, Intronaut, Withered, Left to Vanish, Lazarus A.D., XAFBX, Trap Them, Aggressive Dogs, Toxic Holocaust, XWarX, Psyopus, Woe of Tyrants, Rose Funeral, Nachtymystium, xTHE WARx

Saturday :: Lamb Of God, As I Lay Dying, Children Of Bodom, God Forbid and Municipal Waste
also performing: Have Heart, Shipwreck, Winds of Plague, Emmure, All Shall Perish, Austrian Death Machine, Terror, iwrestledabearonce, Unholy, Shai Hulud, Cold World, Trapped Under Ice, This is Hell, Cruel Hand, The Carrier, Energy, Defeater, Dead Swans, Century, Book of Black Earth, Acaro, Animals as Leaders, Withered, Landmine Marathon, The Ghost Inside and more to be announced

Blatantly Stolen from their own website .

I personally mainly only am interested in seeing the saturday line up as it looks to be more my preference of music than the grindcore shit on friday.

I live in vermont and all of my friends that would normally of been into going to something like this happen to be giant s and wont go this year , so im making a thread !

+ YouTube Video
ERROR: If you can see this, then YouTube is down or you don't have Flash installed.

this is an example of one of the bands playing saturday night.

what im looking for in this thread is people who are interested to post

A - If they live in the immediate area ( 30 minutes ) of worchester and can accomodate ,
B - Which days , and or both you wish to attend

if theres an active interest I would totally like to form a group to go.

we could look at either - Paying a Genmayer a fee to use his or her house for a few nights or we could look into renting hotel rooms , its worchester there are plenty of rooms available.

Hopefully theres some interested peoples on here that would be up for doing this.
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[G]enerous [M]otherucker
posting as ordered to do so. I managed to not have to get a hotel room this year as a friend of mine goes to WPI and lives in an apartment a few blocks away. crash on the floor ftw.
some vaulted pics I saved:
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[G]enerous [M]otherucker
Updated band list:


MAIN STAGE presented by Metal Blade Records:
All That Remains, Between The Buried and Me, The Haunted, The Acacia Strain, Suffocation, August Burns Red, Napalm Death, Whitechapel, Kataklysm, Nachtymystium, Toxic Holocaust, After The Burial, Burning Human, Sylosis, Merauder, Woe Of Tyrants, Rose Funeral

2nd STAGE presented by Prosthetic Records:

Cattle Decapitation, Veil Of Maya, Psyopus, Coliseum, Aggressive Dogs, The Miles Between, Decrepit Birth, Trap Them, Psycroptic, XThe WarX, Withered, Bison B.C., Left To Vanish

Developing Artists Stage presented by Deathcote Records: ABACABB, Within The Ruins, The Destro, Brother Von Doom, We Are Gentlemen, Conqueror, Surrounded By Teeth, Pictures Of Winter, Half Hearted Comeback, Underlying Truth, Mordisk


MAIN STAGE presented by Metal Blade Records:
Lamb Of God, As I Lay Dying, Children Of Bodom, God Forbid, Municipal Waste, Emmure, Winds Of Plague, All Shall Perish, Austrian Death Machine, I Wrestled A Bear Once, Thy Will Be Done, Architect, The Ghost Inside, Book Of Black Earth, Century, The Crimson Armada, Animals As Leaders, Acaro

2nd STAGE presented by Prosthetic Records:
Have Heart, Terror, Shipwreck A.D., Cold World, Trapped Under Ice, Cruel Hand, The Carrier, This Is Hell, Energy, Unholy, Defeater, Dead Swans, Landmine Marathon

Developing Artists Stage at Chasers (behind the Palladium) presented by Deathcote Records: Stray From The Path, Soldiers, Oceano, Catalepsy, Conducting From The Grave, Broadcast The Nightmare, Autumn Black, For Today, Black Teeth, This Or The Apocalypse

A side note, I met one of the festival's cofounders Scott Lee. Nice guy, talked for awhile after a show a few weeks back. Looks to be a good lineup this year (maybe not as much black/doom metal as last year).
some vaulted pics I saved:
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