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Go read over at the [H], over 1.4 is NOT going to hurt your chip as long as you have good cooling and keep the temps under control. Many people seem to have this fear about going over 1.4, but again, it's not a problem with the proper setup.

There is an internal Intel spec sheet/info sheet/whatever that states the maximum voltage for the Sandybridge chips is 1.52. I will try to find it for you.

A lot of SB chips will overclock with virtually NO voltage adjustment up to a certain point, then will require a somewhat decent bump. Mine personally would do up to 4.4 on stock voltage, PLL, everything, then takes just over 1.4, around 1.43 under load with LLC on a high setting, to get 5.0 This is using a h50 with a push/pull configuration. I never see load temps over 49C, and that is under prime95 testing. Gaming, encoding, etc, it is usually lower. Although my ambient temps are pretty low, about 19C.

So like some others said, get a better cooler first. That 212 will NOT cut it for over 5.0, I promise you that. Watch your temps, and don't be afraid to go a little over 1.4

But, don't think you will be guaranteed 5.0. According to ASUS' testing, it breaks down something like this:

1. Approximately 50% of CPUs can go up to 4.4~4.5 GHz
2. Approximately 40% of CPUs can go up to 4.6~4.7 GHz
3. Approximately 10% of CPUs can go up to 4.8~5 GHz (50+ multipliers are about 2% of this group)

Also with your voltage settings, be sure to account for vdroop/LLC. Which you will definitely need going for higher clocks. And keep in mind the 2600ks are not going to go as high as the 2500ks in general due to HT. It generates extra heat and can be more difficult to keep stable.

But best of luck to you!

Edit: Oh, and with the LLC, you don't need it at 100% or ultra high or whatever your motherboard calls it. But you might need something around 50% for the clocks you are aiming for. Of course, everything is ymmv. But again, just my advice and personal experience. Good luck.
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