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FS: Assorted PC parts/accessories/etc

Will update this thread fairly often with new items so keep checking it out. I've got drawers of stuff that I'll be cleaning out. Thread updated. All prices are OBO. Make an offer! Basically charging the cost of shipping plus a couple bucks for each item.

Netgear WGR614v6 - No AC adapter - $15 shipped

Call of Duty 4 MW - Xbox 360
Battlefield 2 Deluxe - PC
NFS:MW Black - PC
$10 each shipped

SuperMicro Super 370SWD Motherboard Micro ATX w/ I think 500Mhz Celeron - $12 shipped

Asus P5S-VM Socket 7 w/ 500Mhz Pentium K-6/2 - $12 shipped

2 sticks of PC100 RAM - $7 shipped

2 sticks of PC100 Notebook SDRAM -$7 shipped

Dell Inspiron 3800 parts laptop - Shell, LCD, motherboard, Celeron cpu, 128MB SDRAM, 10GB HDD - will part out if asked - $17 shipped

Acer CDRW 8x4x32 - $4 plus cost of shipping
HP CD-Writer Plus 8000 - $4 plus cost of shipping
16x CD Drive - $2 plus cost of shipping

Intel Pentium 1 Processor & Celeron Processor - $4 shipped
--Hit max of 10 pics heres link to picture --[ ]

Dell Type KD476 battery - $15 shipped

Belkin Wireless G Plus MIMO USB Network Adapter - $12 shipped

AT&T 54Mbps 802.11g Wireless Notebook Adapter PCMCIA - $10 shipped

Linksys USB200M v2 USB Network Adapter - $10 shipped

Linkysys EtherFast 10/100 USB Network Adapter - $8 shipped

18" SATA II Straight UV Blue Cable - New,Unopened - $5 shipped

2x Antec 80MM Blue LED - $4 shipped each

HP Tri-color printer cartridge #22 - New, unopened - $10 shipped

TI-83 Plus graphing calculator - has screen spots but still works fine. only partially blocks output - $17 shipped

Items added!

Paypal only please. Everything sold as-is. Any questions feel free to ask. PM or post if interested. More items to come soon!
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Originally Posted by ExtremeReselling View Post
What the fuck.
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I <3 d4rkme4t
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Hey man do you still have CoD4? Will you ship to .au?

Edit: Pretty keen on those USB Wireless adapters too
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I dunno what that freaking spam is...

Originally Posted by Nevermore View Post
Hey man do you still have CoD4? Will you ship to .au?

Edit: Pretty keen on those USB Wireless adapters too

Yeah I can ship to AU for you. I'll PM you.
Old 08-05-2011, 05:56 PM Blt44 is offline  
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Added another item. Unlocked Nexus One by HTC (through Google) android phone. Was using on AT&T frequency band. Runs latest android 2.3.4. Comes with charger, original box, etc. It's in very good condition. Only has a nick on the top left corner and some little brushes on the left top corner. Screen is flawless, no scratches or blemishes.

$235 shipped.
Old 08-06-2011, 07:22 PM Blt44 is offline  
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Phone sold. Couple things pending to nevermore, waiting for payment to ship.
Old 08-08-2011, 06:54 AM Blt44 is offline  
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