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Blew up your ring lands on a forged piston? Keep driving it like a baws.

A blown 257 from a 2006 STi I was disassembling over the weekend. It blew the ringland on a Mahle PowerPak piston in 4032 alloy. Previous owner continued to drive it with blown ringlands, which caused a 1mm s̶c̶r̶a̶t̶c̶h gouge in the cylinder liner. The block is no good and will be sent out to be sleeved. After I popped the piston out I was still finding and picking chunks of ring and ringland out of the engine. 500whp here I come!
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that'll polish right out

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I've taken a liking to the 2011+ STi, but not so much anymore once I started reading into stuff like this.
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So what caused it to break?

75 psi?
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