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Computer upgrade help

So I'm thinking about upgrading my PC.

It mostly serves as a Media Server but I do game on it a bit.

Right now I have:
i7 920 - 2.67 GHz
Asus P6X58D Premium - Mobo
GeForce 8800 GT - EVGA, 512 MB
Corsair 750 watt PS -
Antec P180 Case -
200 GB hard drive for OS, Games - Old
2x1 TB for media

Ideal situation:
Get an SSD, new video card and case. The case is fine but I like some of the options the newer cases provide. If I do get a new video card will the 750 be ok?
Links are to because I'm from Canadialand.

I don't know alot about SSDs but I did hear of some issues in the first generations.
SSD option -
or I could save some cash and get this hd instead -

I'm also behind in my video card technology so I'm wondering should I just stick with what I have or do a small upgrade? Maybe -

Case option 1 -
Case option 2 -

Any advice is greatly appreciated.
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the SSD upgrade will blow you away

i bought one for my laptop (cheap OCZ Vertex 2 30GB one), and like two days after i started using it i had to have one for my desktop.

so i suggest going full SSD (not a hybrid drive) for your OS/boot drive and then keeping your separate media drives (same setup like i have)

the intels are supposed to be good but are obviously pricey, but the new OCZ models are really slick too - and cheaper.
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KorruptioN's Avatar
I have a i7-920 (though clocked at 3.2GHz), Asus P6T, 6GB RAM.

I recently went from a Radeon 4850 to a GeForce GTX570. It works great for BF3. However, the single biggest upgrade I did was to upgrade to a solid state drive. My nearly four-year-old desktop is like new again, and I don't think I'll be needing an upgrade for a while, save for some more RAM.

If you're iffy on SSD reliability, go with Crucial's M4. So far that seems to be the most reliable, yet is still blazing fast.

Shoot for the 560Ti, it is supposed to be quite a bit faster for a little more money. The PSU will be more than enough.
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Thanks guys.

I think I might just do the SSD for now and do the upgrades in small steps.

There's a bunch of Crucial M4 SSDs in the $150-$165 range.
I can't really see a difference in them other than the Data Transfer Kit. For example -
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KorruptioN's Avatar
Take this opportunity to reinstall Windows 7 and clean out a lot of the junk that has built up over the years. I personally wouldn't bother with the data transfer kit.

Make sure you have AHCI turned on, and check for the latest SSD firmware!
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