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Hello All,

My boss has a wonderful habit of assigning tasks he very much knows are not in the scope of his employees skill set. In this case, despite saying "Hey, I suck at access" he has still given me a task that will use it heavily.

Here is what I'm trying to do using non-technical terms for ease of understanding. If someone can give me a step by step to making one entry, I can replicate it for everything I need.

My company has a team of coffee makers. To make coffee on my team, you have to be proficient in Filtering, Pouring, Turning the Pot ON, and Purchasing Coffee. Each of these fall into two groups (Filt, Pour, Turn fall under "Level 1" and Purchasing falls under "Level 2"). On top of that, there is training for each of these. If you do Coffee for Tards, you will be proficient in Filtering and Pouring, but turning and purchasing each have their own training.

My boss is asking me to make a database that you can go through and check off training. Then you can either search by team or search by individual to find out what training they have, what training they don't have, when said training expires, and what percentage of the entire team is trained.

I'm not proficient at describing my needs either so if you need more guidance, please let me know. I really appreciate whoever takes the time to read this and whoever ends up helping.

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i guess, the coffee thing is confusing as hell , you could make a table for level 1 and a table for level 2 that included name, training etc. then write a query or two selecting from those tables according to what you need.

edit> actually might be able to get away with just one table and write queries for each situation. but i like more tables.

edit2 i guess that's not really step by step, is it
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I do have some Access XP so your input might be more helpful than you know, haha. I have a habit of over thinking things that might be simpler than they appear to me.
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make a table with an entry for each person as a line. level 1 training complete yes/no, date level 1 training expires, level 2 training complete yes/no, level 2 training expires.

then you can write a query based off of name(if you want) where you pick which variables you want yes/no and dates.

edit> that might be a gross over-simplification but i don't know exact details. i'd make the name a primary key to avoid duplicates and if necessary add a table or two depending on the details you need. then you can join names/tables in your query and select whatever you need.
ohio doesn't suck so much

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I started mapping out the info and I think I have a better way to explain it.

There is a team of doctors. They have 3 Specialty Areas (A, B, C), each of which has 10 sections (1-10). To be allowed to perform medicine they have to have 70% of each Specialty Area complete.

There are several training courses that can count for 1 or multiple of the sections that go towards A, B, C.

I want to be able to check off training under a doctors name once they complete it. Which I then want the database to correlate "Hey, Joe did Stitches for Dummies which counts for section 1 and 3 of the 10 sections for A.

Then I want to be able to pull up a report that says "Joe is X% complete overall. He is 50% on A. He is 60% on B and he is 100% on C." Also, I want to pull up a report for the Hospital that says "10 Doctors are Qualified, 15 are Unqualified." And then list who is qual'd or unqual'd.

I hope that's better than the crappy coffee example haha
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Four tables, name, A, B and C. In each table ABC, list the ten trainings with a yes/no, date, whatever else.

Queries that joins A, B and C according to cross-over training and name. Use this query as the basis for all others.

Qry, all doctors, click yes/no on training. Updates every thing.

Qry, Name, all training completed(yes to all or =yes on the qry). Gives you a list of everyone. you can modify that for each situation.

Qry, Name, TblA(B or C), training completed.

Qry, all doctors, yes(on A B or C)=yes

pretty much the same for everything else. i don't remember much of my excel MSaccess but if you know what 50% is you can add in your qry yes<5 or yes>5.
ohio doesn't suck so much
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