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Impeach and try Bush/Cheney! 911 was an inside job!
Take photos of everything, constant photos as evidence.
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this doesn't help you now, but never live in or near an apartment complex that's section 8.
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Originally Posted by isugoat View Post
this doesn't help you now, but never live in or near an apartment complex that's section 8.

from what we're told, in OKC, some statute or local ordinance or business license requirement or something says that every complex or residential unit zone must have X amount of section 8 in it. I haven't had the time to look it up or find out what the details are, so that's second hand though.

Apparently whomever I spoke to on Saturday didn't have the authority to do much, but she called her supervisor and I'm talking to the next person up the food chain in the morning when business opens. But it sounds like this person will need corporate approval on stuff as well, so I'm not sure why I'm talking to her. It sounds like they're willing to play ball on letting us move into a different unit across the complex, but they might not. They would want us to finish our lease with them before moving into the other unit, and that's not acceptable. So the person in the office said it sounded like the higher ups looked at it as doing us a favor letting us transfer. Otherwise, if we move out they want to stick us with two months rent as a cost of terminating our contract early, which is not acceptable... In any case it's go time in the morning, with what we have in the rental truck because we have to return it, and my dad who drove it here and would help move furniture has to go home.

I'm concerned that the higher up will play hardball because she has less power to negotiate than she wants to appear to have... if she can't transfer us and make it ok, we've got to go somewhere else, in the morning, and we'd rather not pay two months rent on top of all that insult, but if they want to push it, we will go to court on it, contact the health department and blog everything with photos and make it very public.

But she may need corporate approval and may not be able to get it in time.

And, if we get adversarial, they might shut down right away. I think it's probably important to keep the tone positive... that we're looking for a win win scenario. I just worry that they aren't sharp enough to play softball with us.

Other thoughts; there is blood on the ground outside the other dudes door, which seems to substantiate an assault story we heard on the schizo vs hippies the other night. I can get pictures and take a sample. I even have the forensic kit to prove it's blood from when I was a student, but... they could argue it's from a nosebleed.
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