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Selling DVDs

I've got a bunch of DVDs that I don't watch very often any more, and they are taking up a lot of space. I've got a mix of blockbusters, independent stuff, and foreign flicks--probably 400 movies total. I don't think it would be worth my time and effort to sell them individually. I also realize that at this point I shouldn't expect more than a couple bucks per DVD. When filing my federal income taxes, I don't itemize, so I can't write off a donation to my local library. So, has anyone sold DVDs lately? Are any buyback programs (e.g. Buyback Madness) reputable and worthwhile?
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take them to the same place everyone takes their vhs tapes to sell.
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Originally Posted by why_ask_why View Post
take them to the same place everyone takes their vhs tapes to sell.

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Rent a flea market booth for a month.......youll have them sold easy at 2-10 dollars a pop depending......
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pawn shop?
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CL or ebay?
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I'll take the whole lot for $7
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According to that site my The Tenchi Universe Collection - Box Set is worth 15 cents?

On Amazon a used set sells for about $142.00

Any other places to sell used DVD's?
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Amazon fulfilled-by-amazon. Entering in the 400 titles via the fba interface should take something like 4 hours. Ship em all in a big box to amazon, then let amazon pack & ship them to buyers. I just sold $600 worth of books this way, so convenient.
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