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Emulators for Nintendo DS (NES, SNES, etc.)

What's the latest on various emulators for the DS, Slot-1? Last I checked, they all required a fair amount of tweaking to get working right. I have an R4 card. I'm wondering about NES and SNES specifically.
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I have an R4 and use "jenesis" for genesis obviously. Not too sure what the NES and SNES ones are called but yes there are some out there.
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I never had good luck with SNES emulators on the ds so I avoided them. However NES emulator..I have one right now it's called Nes_Ds. It works perfectly. The only fails I have had are the games I downloaded so nothing to fault the emulator itself.

Top screen plays the game and the bottom screen is black untill you touch it, a nice menu comes up. You can hit the display button and drag your pen across the bottom screen to get a good display for the game you choose, its hard to explain how it need to test it out to know what im talking about.

You can save state which is always a good thing, however whats cool about this is that the left trigger acts as a rewind and the right trigger is fast forward, so save states are not really needed when you have the rewind button which helps alot haha.
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The SNES Emulator I use for my DS is called SNEmulDS. (I'm using 0.6) It works well with a lot of the classic SNES games, including Super Mario World, Zelda, Super Metroid, F-Zero, TMNT, Super Castlevania, Donkey Kong ...etc. Certain game has some very minor graphical glitches to them that rarely affects your game play, while some I can't get to play ... Super Mario RPG, Final Fantasy III, Killer Instinct. There are simple to use Select ROM/Load State/Save State functions along with a lot of options to adjust your HUD and different graphic configurations. I really enjoy it.

As for the NES I use nesDS. It plays every NES game I have on my R4. What I really like about it is, if you use the L/R buttons on the DS it replays what you just did, or makes you go faster. It saves lives, and helps when you have a long distance to travel. Also simple to use, however this time no option menu for the nesDS that I can find.

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