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Originally Posted by RazorWind View Post
He actually does make a semi-valid point. It doesn't make a whole lot of sense to have "mechs" with arms and legs if they don't use the arms and legs for anything. No engineer would actually design a vehicle that has highly complex articulated components like that if they didn't serve a useful purpose.
No, he is a troll.
  • Scud didn't ask for a critique of his choice of fictitious player model design.
  • Regardless of the operating environment, mechs, in the traditional sense, require articulated limbs to obtain the desired effect of appearing as something other than a flying weapons locker. It doesn't matter if it's humanoid, a quadruped, hexapod, etc. For that matter, why not think of the mechs as people in EVA suits if a robot bothers you that much? Oh, I know. Go make your own game with people piloting egg-shaped pods with a pew pew stick bolted to the side.
  • Arms are a perfectly legitimate way to bring a shield around to offer protection from a particular vector or rapidly change the aim of a weapon. And there is no reason that a machine has to be limited by the modes of human locomotion just because it has a vague resemblance. Take that Wing Gundam redesign posted earlier for example. It's a traditional humanoid mech design with, albeit over-done, vernier arrays that provide it with superior flight capabilities compared to most any other mech in the Wing franchise. Of course it can walk, but it moves best by using the vernier arrays to jet around. In the case of most other mechs from the Gundam franchise, they usually have vernier thrusters in their legs and feet as well as primary thrusters on their backs so they also have limited flight capabilities regardless of the fact that they don't have extravagant wings. Limbs that can be used for terrestrial locomotion, with thrusters built-in, can only help solidify the concept of a mech which brings me to..
  • How the Gundam franchise differentiates between "mechs" and "flying tanks:" "Mobile suits" are roughly humanoid mechs with some quads mixed in and "mobile armors" are big, flying "fuck you and everyone within eyesight" armored weapons platforms with ridiculous maneuverability considering their size, but seeing as they usually only have one or two crewmen, they can't be considered warships. Aside from the odd grappling claw, they do appear as much though, which I'm sure is what scud is looking to avoid at any scale.
Originally Posted by RazorWind View Post
That said, it doesn't have to make sense, given that it's a video game.
You could have just sided against the ass-baby and saved yourself typing the first half of your post.

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teh scud
teh scud's Avatar
Some updates to the build on Kongregate

Added loadout button to escape menu (can also use L key).
Added tooltips to things like weapons, equipment, stealth mode (T key), and forcefields.
Optimized texturing — improved texture quality on some objects. Less untextured objects.
Kongregate now tracks your cumulative score — more statistics planned for the future.
Made it easier to connect to the official server.
Made a few UI improvements.
Other bugfixes.
File size reduced so loading time should be a tad shorter.
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teh scud
teh scud's Avatar
I'll be playing for the next hour or two if you guys want to drop in -
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teh scud
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Last push!

Sorry for the bump but I'm hoping you guys can help me out!

This is the last day of voting for the Unity contest on Kongregate. The top 25 games become finalists. SpaceJunk was hanging in there but today it got kicked to number 26... literally one step outside being a finalist. Unlike some of the games I'm against, I don't have a big studio with hundreds of existing fans to ask for support from -- so I come to you, Gen[M]ay! If you're feeling extra generous, it would be GREATLY appreciated if you'd rate SpaceJunk 5 stars to help bump it up a position or two.

To vote, you'll unfortunately have to have an account and I think you'll have to install the Unity web player -- -- I know it's a bit of a hassle but it would be a HUGE help!

As extra incentive, if SpaceJunk becomes a finalist, I'll offer promo codes for my upcoming iPhone game FishMoto (expected to release in April/May at $1.99) to those who can confirm they voted for SpaceJunk (it shows up in your Kongregate profile).

Any help is greatly appreciated -- it's really painful to have SpaceJunk get as high as #4 in the rankings and then the last day of voting slip just outside the finalist podium.
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Drizzt's Avatar

voted, took less than a minute to do everything. I like the teleport disc from tribes weapon. Brought back some good memories.

"Do not be afraid of the darkness, be afraid of what it hides"

- Drizzt Do'Urden

d53f78fef409408e2230f13db8ca19bb []

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lonedawg's Avatar
signed up and rated for you, g'luck!.

Man, there are so many trolls on that site, just reading the comments from people...sigh.
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teh scud
teh scud's Avatar
Thanks for the help guys! Looks like it already went up .02 points. It's neck and neck!
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teh scud
teh scud's Avatar
There's about 1 hour left to vote! I don't want to jinx it, but it looks like I'll be giving out some promo codes when my iPhone game comes out
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Mr. Susan
I know its late but I already have a kongregate account so I thought I'd toss you a vote.
Welcome to gen[G]ay
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