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1" steel balls vs. tough cabbage turnips

After the last video was wild enough to go viral (machete slingshot), I decided to go back to my roots and shoot at stuff.

Worked out the whole winter, it was worth it, I can now take a band set (TB gold, 2,8 x 1,8 x 29 cm, three layers per side) and fully butterfly the thing. Controlled.

The result is awesome. It almost knocks my catch box over when I hit it with a 1" steel ball.

In this video, I shoot the big balls against an innocent cabbage turnip. The results, as always, are shown in super slo mo.

This video also presents a new "tournament" slingshot crossbow, with a unique feature: Three different tube types that can be used either or, but also in a combination.

Some more bonus material completes this The Slingshot Channel production.

+ YouTube Video
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The Slingshot Channel

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I love it.

Do you ever chrono these? I didn't see any videos of a chronograph on your youtube; I'm curious about the total energy of something like your 25mm steel ball on the crossbow
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I agree with you about vegetables.

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I <3 d4rkme4t
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aaaaahahahahahaha you got me at the start there dude that was GOLD!

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You've got balls of steel.
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