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But notice something: even there, the wings create substantial damage to the wall on impact.

Did it? What video are you watching? I see absolutely no appreciable damage whatsoever coming from the wings. Second of all, even if there was, you're not comparing apples to apples. Commercial jet liners will have wings that will be more easily shorn off under those conditions. Ever seen the cracks formed on the bottom of the wings from stresses in flight? What you're doing is the same thing the 9/11 truth movement is doing. Not looking at the whole picture, and in some cases, stating things that aren't even there.

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That damage is nowhere to be found on any pictures of the pentagon. I'm not contesting the size or shape of the hole, but rather the lack of hole for where the wings and reactors of a 757 are supposed to go. The Pentagon might've been built strong, but to have an airplane come in with wings and reactors and come out of it unscratched is far fetched.

I wouldn't expect the wings and engines of a 757 to punch a whole in the Pentagon. Real life isn't like bugs bunny. The wings of that aircraft are too frail to be able to punch a hole through that building in the manner you're picturing it.

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EDIT: Oh and Tom, very interesting about Building 7! I had never actually realized how extensive the damage could have been, till you pointed out that picture angle detail Good photos showing the backside of the building

Notice how that's never been on a 9/11 truth movement website?

I have to caution you, reading those websites does not constitute research. If you really want to understand it, check out a credible source like the American Society of Civil Engineers, and get a decent background on mechanics. There's a reason people like Steven Jones are in the extremely tiny minority amongst scientists and engineers analyzing this failure mechanism.

I really hope you're not just consulting these websites for more reasons why they might be correct.

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This isn't to say that I now believe Osama did this or that the government and Bush are saints on the matter. It just puts a new perspective on the New York events.

Have you considered how many people would have to be involved to pull this off in secret?
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