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Japanese Nostalgic Car Touge California 2016

In late February, JNC opened their Touge California to applicants (pre-1980 Japanese cars only). Their intent was to take what they considered to be the top 25 cars. I submitted my Datsun, figuring that clean Zs were a dime a dozen in southern California, but they called my bluff and turned around and accepted me. So, I polished the Z up and got it ready for 200 miles of SoCal canyon driving. On 1 April, my navigator and I loaded up and headed west. Albuquerque turned around and shat on us by snowing.

Touge (translated literally as "pass" as in "mountain pass") is associated with spirited mountain and canyon drives in Japan, and JNC had their inaugural event last year (though that one was not open for applicants). So I, along with 25 others and 3 JNCs from the Mazda vault (an '85 RX-7 GSL-SE, a GLC, and a Rotary Engine Pickup) departed from Lake Wolford ranger station on the morning of 2 April.

Among the attendees was Yutaka Katayama's own G-nose S30 (gifted to its current owner on Mr. K's retirement in 1977. Next to it is Randy Rodriguez's G-nose S30 (Mr. Rodriguez designed the 370Z).

So much S30

Among the weirdness, a Toyota Century

And several rotaries

And some classy toyotas
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