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the only one within 1250 miles of me, checked craigslist, ebay, all of em

$2500, 145,000 miles, has been taken to the bonneville salt flats and not much else is known

You can say the same about a manual is300, it's basically a unicorn, with handfuls around the country. The thing is there are other cars in the same category though so that keeps the price in check.

What you're saying is true, but it implies the buyer is hell-bent on that exact car. 300 hp isn't that hard to come by even NA, with a manual, and less miles. So I wouldn't quite feel like I ripped someone off walking away with this deal, but i think it's fair. People that look at cars like this are after a good value - you'd have to wait a long time for someone to specifically need a tbird, be able and willing to pay more than $7k, and have the means to travel/deliver/etc.

Stuff is worth whatever the market will bear, not what it's "worth" in someone's eyes. You can't really KBB something that's built either. This is why usually people lose money after a build if they sell.
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