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Top Tier:
Hell on Wheels
Game of Incest
Sons of Anarchy
American Whore Story (first two seasons)
True Detective
Lost and Dexter if you haven't seen them
Banshee (Justified with pointless sex scenes and more brutal violence
Prison Break
Breaking Bad

Decent Tier:
Gotham (not entirely capeshit)
Z Nation (so bad, it's even better than the Walking Dumb)
Lost and Dexter if you haven't seen them
Arrow (only decent capeshit)
The Strain
Strike Back
The Boondocks
Aqua Teen Hunger Strike Patrol Squad

Even if you don't like anime:
Hellsing Ultimate
Darker than Black
Requiem for the Phantom
Black Lagoon
Gunslinger Girl

Do not watch:
Big Bang Theory
The Office
The Daily Jew/The Liberal Report
Any teeny Vampire drivel
The Simpsons
South Park
Sleepy Hollow
Any sitcom
Any CSI or Law and Order style police procedural

If not available on Jewflix, just pirate and wire or stream to TV.
The posts submitted here are fictitious and only a fool would believe any to be true.

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