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anywhere you can get .22 you can get 30-06 (or 308 if you got that version)

the bayonette is handy and you can use the butt of the gun, a 22 would break.

long range stopping power is king in the woods, if you want to eat rabbit go ahead and get a .22 but if you want any decent sized game get a real gun

remember you're scavenging for ammo, you're bound to come across far more 22 ammo than anything else, plus it's far easier to carry lots of. I don't know why you need a bayonette when a decent pocket knife will server all your gutting/skinning/cleaning/cutting needs. and I don't know what you're planning on using the but of your gun for but a 22's stock with pound tent stakes with the best of them.

also living in the wilderness with small portable shelter or something similar, a true shit hitting the fan scenario where you have no structure to go to, you're not going to be hunting large game, it will spoil before you can use it and it's too much work to be an effective source of food. you will be hunting small game and birds and the like.
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