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16-17 pounds on 93.. I'm going 404 rwhp. None of this STD stuff either. SAE smoothing set to 5 or GTFO. :-)

I'm assuming the first dyno was anything other than a Mustang? Those bitches read notoriously low.

It's a Mustang dyno.

You may have been right on the money, but I don't know for sure yet. He put it on the dyno leaving the tune untouched and setting the boost at 12.5psi and it made 358rwhp. I don't know how much can be made up in the tune (timing etc) and obviously there's some room for more boost, but I'm not expecting much at this point. I would be surprised if it cracks 400.

Kinda disappointing for all the work they put into it, but IDK. Maybe the motor combo (heads, cam, intake manifold, exhaust) just isn't efficient enough to really make use of hair dryer.

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