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Holy shit...somebody actually took my advice?

Even though the Camaro isn't my thing, the newer, smaller version looks better and is a reportedly pretty great car. Except of course for the whole driving blind thing, whenever I see one of these on the road I just assume the driver can't see anything other than straight ahead...give it a wide berth.

one of the girls on my team has a white one and every single time I walk by it in the garage iI glance at it knowing that inevitably one of the corners or sides is going to be smashed in. or scraped up. It's established the camaro has horrible visibility, but to make the matter 110% worse.... this girl is MAYBE 4' 6". When she walks by my cubicle which I believe has 52 inch walls, all I can see is the top 2 inches of her head. I've sees her driving, she literally drives looking THROUGH the steering wheel. That should be fucking illegal. That has to be as bad as texting while driving or driving drunk. She should be required to have Sear catalogs and New York phone books permanently upholstered into her seats. FUCK. She needs to be driving something that will at least allow her to see the fucking road shes driving on...

That being said, I'm less than blown away by the visibility in my car. It isn't bad by any stretch but it still leaves me missing the view in the E46. A couple times I've almost made attempts to defy the laws of physics in the F22 but caught myself before getting any middle finger salutes or horn blasts.
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