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I shit my brains out for DAYS and all I got was this title
So...this Korean guy buys a new dog from us every week

I work in a pet shop here in sofla, and we haven't usually make a lot of money selling dogs since people really often og out and adopt them from shelters or from the grey hound track here.

but recently like 1 month ago, this Korean dude started coming in about once a week to buy a new puppy "for my kids." Name something like, Yen Kim or some shit *confused*

First time was cool, he got a brown weiner dog puppy, a dog dish, a bag of food, but no toys or treats or anything.

Week later, he comes back in looking for another puppy I say, didn't you just come in last week to get a puppy? He's like, ya but my kids each want one of their own. OK, fair enough right? He picks out a little doberman but no food dish or food or anything.

A week later he comes back AGAIN, I figure "good customer, must be getting some food for his dogs" but guess what he does instead? Yeah, he says he's getting another dog for his kids. Whaa?? So he picks out this weiner dog puppy and comes up to pay.

I'm like, wtf. Do you wanna buy food dishes? Or maybe some food since you have 3 dogs now? And why another weiner dog?

Kim is like, no, its ok. we food them table scraps its makes them fatten up faster We got another weiner dog because we like them better <--- omgomgogmogm!?!!!!

I start telling him, you know maybe it would be cheaper to go adopt dogs from the local pound instead of new puppies. I told him they are already grown up and stuff. He tells me he doesn't like them because they are probably diseased and have problems that he doesn't want to wait a long time to take care of.

omgomgomg what do I do this korean guy is OBVIOUSLY EATING THESE PUPPIES who buys dogs and no food dishes and no food or toys, espeically a korean guy!?

should I call the police? animal cruelty?? sneak into his house and see if he really has dogs? I am at a lost for words. Help


1. korean guy buys a puppy from us
2. korean guy buys another one a week later, no food
3. korean guy buys ANOTHER one, still no food or toys or anything
5. ....
6. no doggy profit??

how does this

turn into this

I'm fucking crying now......someone get me a fucking tissue

shens motherfuckers~!!!!!!
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