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4770k 199.99 at Microcenter

Taken from [H]

Originally Posted by Robstar View Post
I got this in my e-mail.

I'm not a fan of the k(rippled) processors but I know a lot of you are.

I really wish they'd do this on the i7-4770 non-k, ah well...enjoy!

EDIT: The website is now showing the correct price!

4770k @ $199.99 SOCKET 1150 -
1 price match at NCIX worked (drklu)
2 price match at staples worked. (AlexJann23, vroom_skies) $20 off $100 also worked!! (AlexJann23)

3570k @ $149.99 SOCKET 1155 -
1 price match at NCIX declined (maranello)
1 price match at staples worked (vroom_skies)

EDIT: Motherboard discount seems active as well!!!
EDIT: Free Final Fantasy XIV! Please ask MC associate when purchasing. You should get a card with a redemption code. (KLUDEN)

Thanks to user drklu for this: GET THIS PRICE AT NCIX!(maybe)
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