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Ok trying this again, would edit my post but I cannot, alot of stuff is different now.
$225 obo, I accept paypal only if you've been on this site for awhile, otherwise money order.

Willing to trade for all sorts of computer parts just let me know what you have. Or maybe even willing to trade for something else also!!!! (no software)

80 orc shaman (enhancement) transferable and on a pvp server
Mammoth mount, the 20k mount with venders!!!!
Red epic flying mount with cold weather flying
19 emblems of heroism
65 stone keeper's shards
75,000 honor
13 wintergrasp, 70 alterac valley, 36 eye of the storm, 56 arathi basin, 46 warsong, 16 sota
79 saronite ore
40 saronite bars
2 titanium bars and alot of other random valuable stuff to sell.
mining/skining 450

2523 ap/21.72 crit/107 hit/88 haste

titansteel bonecrusher w mongoose
handgrips of the savage emissary
rest is mostly lvl 80 rares can give details if needed just don't feel like listing them all
also have a nice elemental set

this is my original account, can put the email in your name, have any info ya need

pls someone just make me an offer on this , reasonable lowballs, or accepting all kinds of computer parts.
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