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Ok here's a huge amount of information on one (yes, one) character. Human Warrior dps specced/geared, has tanking set. Entertaining all reasonable offers.

fiery warhorse reins attumen mount
rising tide
vanir's offhand slow
dual season 2 swords two handers
bulwark of ancient kings
warbringer dps helm
felsteel warhelm
guardians neck
choker of serrated blades
legplates of unending fury
skullshatter warboots
gauntlets of martial perfection
season 2 chest
season 2 legs
guardian boots
guardian belt
bracers of eradication
vindicator's band of triumph
angelista's revenge
medallion of the alliance epic
battlemaster's cruelty
red belt of battle
vengeance wrap
bloodstained pauldrons
season 2 shoulders
voodo gnomes trinket
bloodlust brooch
furious deathgrips
vengeful waredge throwing weapon
merciless waredge tjhrowing weapon
bloodthirster's wargreaves
gnomeregan auto blocker
brooch of deftness
kings defender
the gladiators resolution new pvp cape
dragonspine trophy
the fel barrier
skyguard silver cross
ironstriders of urgency
icon of unyielding courage
band of the exorcist
warbringer tanking helm
warbringer tanking hands
slikk's cloak of placation
pan'zathar breastplate
abacus of violent odds
talisman of the alliance
ring of arathi warlords
dawnforged defender
unwavering legguards
red havoc boots
violet signet of the master assassin
black war steed bridle
silver war talbuk
many other epics of lower quality not mentioned
15 exalted factions
17 revered
21 honored
450 gold
57000 honorable kills
miner blacksmith with some solid plans fully leveled of course
bank full of random gems ores reagents
all gear is socketed with the finest gems 10 stregth 10 crit etc.
240 days playtime immaculate server rep.

<edit> oh... slanging it because he isn't happy with pvp balance or the prospect of having to get alll new gear/do the 10 level grind again.

85 obo
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