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Originally Posted by XJumper84
I'd like to add a troll, he posted on an account named N!ghTW()lf. Then created his own, JHop1.

Name: Jacob Wheldon
lives in Bakersfield, CA
aim: JHop732691

sent him $148 via paypal for a 200 gig 8mb cache drive back on December 7th, which was completed in paypal, he never sent me the drive, so i asked for the money back via paypal on Jan. 14th (then got involved with school, and he's never sent the money back).

so yeah.. if you know N!ghTW()lf or JHop1, please have him get in touch with me.. i'll update this when i get home as i have more information at home about him.

i live in bakersfield, never heard of him, got any other info?
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