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Originally Posted by dastrike
You are generalizing a bit too heavily there... (not exactly any communist governments left, and even those who have a communistic party in the ruling government aren't the traditional commie-one-party-states, but this is a matter of semantics and a bit off-topic, so let's go onwards instead with the core matter)

The fucking ridiculous taxes on petroleum are because of the tax-heavy policy of more left-wingish governments though, so the spirit fo your statement is essentially correct.

Example of petroleum price here in Sweden currently at a large petroleum station chain:
$6.05 USD/gallon

Of that is:
$1.65 USD: Energy Tax (fixed tax per liter)
$1.00 USD: CO2 Tax (fixed tax per liter)
$1.21 USD: Value Added Tax (25% tax on the base price + the other taxes []...)
So the tax of one gallon of petroleum is $3.86 USD, or 64% of the total price. Without taxes this particular petroleum would cost $2.19 USD/gallon

I really hope that there is a switch in government here at the general elections next year... I don't really think there will be any huge tax drops though as the population is quite indoctrinated into the social democratic agenda of "high taxes = good" and thus consider any tax lowering ideas as equal to lowering the quality of services.
Hnngh. The totally insane level of taxation is killing us slowly as the public services just keep eating more and more money and thus it needs tax raises to keep up with the expenses... And the overall population is getting just older and older so the entire system is risking of collapsing in a few decades due to the simple fact that there aren't enough people in the work force to be able to maintain the pensions and healthcare for the massive bulk of retired persons.

You said what I said in the long version

I didn't want to write that much and everyone (except a few) knew what I was talking about. I hate it when Europeans compare their prices to ours, it's only inflated because of your own governments, not the market.

Socialist government is lazy government. Instead of working to find money they just take as much as they can get and throw it around. The US is having the same problem and I wish someone would do something but all the senators and reps love their cushy jobs.
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