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Our ever demanding request to move out from the city and expand leaves the ability of public transportation stretched like a rubber band. We are simply too spread out for transportation like there is in Europe. I find this sad. Yet why not get a hybrid? You say horsepower? Well in America, the speeds are crazy slow, so whatís the need? There really isnít. I love driving around my uncles Prius.
The hybrid route is kind of weak. True, the most efficient cars on the roat atm are hybrids, but that's not really because they're hybrids. That's because the press went nuts over hybrids and they market well on having a high efficiency. Look at the paperwork on your uncle's Prius sometime; there's a part where it explains that changing the tires to normal tires will decrease the efficiency by 4 mpg. It's streamlined, made out of very light materials, blah blah blah.

For isntance look at the new Honda Accord Hybrid they have out. It gets 30/37. But the regular Honda Accord gets 24/34. Making it a hybrid only gets about 6/3 in this case.

Long story short, what I'm saying is that there are better ways for one to make a car fuel efficient than what the car companies are doing now. Buying hybrids is not the answer to America's fuel problems.
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