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Targeted Role: for those who need Linux on the run. (And those who want to give the general Linux desktop environment a try.)

Knoppix: What is it?
Knoppix a Linux Live CD/DVD. Meaning that its a full blown ready to go operating system which runs entirely off a CD or DVD. If you've got a Knoppix disc with you, you can run Linux off of any machines that supports booting off CD. To my knowledge, Knoppix is the most complete Live CD distro that currently exists. The CD boasts an impressive suite of software, and the Knoppix DVD (released not too long ago) trumps that. You'll pretty much have everything you need.

Its an excellent choice for novices, once your machine boots off the disc, it will perform all the hardware detection for you automatically, set up your graphical environment and drop you into a full featured desktop environment. Another feature of Knoppix which really kicks a lot of ass is the toram option. Slightly experienced users can specify kernel options before Knoppix commences boot. By specifying knoppix toram as your boot line, Knoppix will copy the whole of the system to RAM. If you've got more than 1 gig of RAM, this is perfect, in that your entire OS and all of its applications now reside in memory. I mean everything. Which results in a super responsive environment. Its fast. Really fast.

Knoppix is considered as the standard Linux LiveCD. Many other Live CD distributions are based off of it. For the Linux user on the run, you couldn't have asked for more. Again, perfect choice for the novice because the only thing you need to do to run it, is stick the CD in your drive and reboot.
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