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Slackware Linux

Recommended for: advanced users, servers, hobbiests
Targeted Role: Good for servers and learning linux

Intro (from wikipedia)

Slackware is a Linux distribution created by Patrick Volkerding of Slackware Linux, Inc. It has a policy of incorporating only stable releases of applications, and has a distinctive absence of distribution-specific configuration tools found in other distributions of Linux. Partisans have been known to say, "When you know Slackware, you know Linux... when you know Red Hat, all you know is Red Hat."

Quick Review

Slackware is rock solid and one if not the fastest package based distro out there. So why doesn't everyone use it?

Well it doesn't hold you're hand with helpful gui config tools, its linux in its pure form, no hacked on aids, no graphical installer, no . Want to learn linux or get a rock solid server going without all that overhead from redhats 'aids', the go for slack.

Be foreworned It's package management is very rudimentary, but once all programs are setup and installed you won't need to touch shit for months on end. No messing around with unnessacary updates every day that break your system.

It is the first and oldest linux distro for a reason. Once you go slack you never go back.
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