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Government won't have anyway to tax is correctly without widespread misuse and trafficing. It will be quite a long time, and require a fully liberal senate/house to even have a chance. You do realize the majority of the country is against legalizing it ? A few stoners and people with back pain arn't going to change it ... sorry. I think they may even revoking medical use in California soon, sooooo...

Keep dreaming.
you mean like the widespread trafficing and production of bootlegged alcohol during and after the prohabition times? oh and weed's not addictive and it doesn't kill you and it's illegal. but cigarettes, alcohol, tylonal, nyquil, perscription drugs (and so on) are legal and they can kill you in one sitting (except cigs). not to mention take a drug program that costs all of us money and shunning a HUGE revenue stream for out gov't. somebody point me in the direction that says pot can kill you, because i know in just about every case im aware of i would much rather be around someone that was high and not drunk, including while im on the freeway.
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