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Originally Posted by Mr. Baz
Yay, let's just legalize all currently-illegal drugs. That way everyone can go driving around on the highway doped or drugged up and kill innocent by-standers.

Or what about going on a shooting spree because the guy was so drugged up he thought he was dreaming/having a nightmare/in a video game.

Or what happens when lawyers come back and say "he was under the influence of an inhibitor that kept him from making rational decisions. Therefore, it is not my client's fault, but the fault of the drug manufacturer for not making it aware to the public" and now the crook goes free.

I swear, you fucking druggies need to stop toking up and actually use what little brain cells you have left for a change.

oh, the Irony.
You talk about using what little brain cells we have left, but is it so hard for you to understand that anyone who wants drugs already uses them?
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