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Ruho you make me laugh. And that's both because you put in this little bit of humor, but also this little bit of retardedness in the thread.

Please Ruho, find my quote where I say "This isn't Bin Laden! I mean, look at his beard! It's a different color!!"

(waits 10 minutes, still nothing)

Tough job huh? That's because I never said that. I said the guy looks different. His FACE, not his beard (well yes it is, but that's a detail), is different. His eyes look out of place. The shape of his face is dissimilar. His posture isn't the same. Even how he talks is different: look at his motion, look at his lip movement. Look at his shoulders, they don't look the same at all. This guy is skinnier, he's smaller, his head is rounder, his eyes are wider apart and have a different angle.

Retard. Look at the evidence next time before getting on your knees in front of Herr Bush and giving him lip service.
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