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Expert analysis, no. But my own, independent, and personal analysis, yes.

Look at the video. Did you bother looking? Did you bother comparing?

If no one would have said this was Bin Laden in the video, would you have thought it was him? Just because he's a muslim with a long beard and a turban behind a camera?

I personally have good visual aptitudes. I can differentiate between an apple and an orange. This is no different. 2 different guys, that someone said were the one and only. Thanks, but no thanks, I like to think about what people tell me before I start believing.
You should do the same Tom, I don't think it would hurt you too much.

First of all, you're not qualified and don't have the equipment to do a legitimate analysis. Second, if Hollywood is able to make a human being look like a disfigured Orc and convince you it's real, I'm quite certain if the government really wanted to duplicate Bin Laden for the public they could do so flawlessly without internet slueths like you giving up their cover. Third, if you're right, why isn't a single major media source picking up on the crime of the century that you believe you've solved? All the anti-Bush media sources that would be able to publish this and have Bush brought to justice for the crime that is 9/11, that you alledge is so clearly the case it's painful to think otherwise, and yet none of them have even given you a second thought?

Basically you have two options:

1) It's Bin Laden
2) Al Qaeda put in a double to boost morale, Bin Laden is dead.

The US government has better access to make-up artists than to make it obvious it's not him.

There is no 9/11 conspiracy.
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