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The paradox is the idea that our government (or secret societies or lizards from outer space or whoever) would so expertly begin the conspiracy, and then have it fall apart by leaving the accused suicide terrorists alive and in public or producing poorly-made Bin Laden tapes when they clearly have the resources to tie up loose ends like that and not risk exposure and world-wide revolt.

Every crime in history has been solved when the criminals who commit them make a mistake or mistakes and dont cover thier tracks adequately.

The mistakes here are just point blank obvious when you look at the case in detail without bias and fear - which isnt easy, granted, but noble and neccessary nonetheless.

You cant seem to diffrentiate when we say "So many of the facts around 911 are ironclad proof and so compelling, numerous and insurmountable at this point and just simply so point blank obvious who did it its just amazing"


"Look at this!... historic evidence that shows how every single culture around the planet, who had no means of interaction with one another all believed the same thing about gods they called Annunaki coming down, treating them as slaves, and they were reptilian, thats pretty amazing, and strangely consistant with the way humanity has been treated by its "ruling elite" all along since that time... wow maye this should be looked into further!"... Mabe thats why were "monkey see, monkey do"... maybe were really not that violent and maybe wars really are inconsistant with out nature except when our own reality has been manipulated... just like how children grow to be abusers when thier parents are etc... I mean the ramifcations are endless and merit discussion, not that its absolute truth at this point.

There is a huge difference between the two statements yet you chose to dismiss unilaterally all things in order to support your own ideas. To maintain your emotional position of safety. to maintain the illusion in your own mind. There is no other way to define such a way of conducting ones self except irrational at best and insane at worst. From where im sitting my heart hurts for you. I mean that, it must be difficult living a lie.It hurts for you and for all the people the lie you help maintain

One is fact, one is strong and compeling enough to take a good look at in a discussion forum, if you are not afraid to look that is. Your disconnect and blanket condemnation of nearly every bit of evidence is nothing but a result of fear introducing the bias into your thought processing Popekevin. And Fear is what Leonidas in 300, and every other person in history had to face in order to see the truth - in order to be free, truly free. They use fear to hide the truth popekevin, look how they do it - look at Bush and his proaganda arm Orielly alone! - Any facts are immediateul condemned as "idiots, unpatriotic etc" without even being heard... just like you do, and the same with organised religion, people maintain the lie *for* them by omitting and not allowing facts and evidence even to be heard.

Pope the "Label" of "conspiracy" or "conspiracy theries" is odius in and of itself, because in the past the theories while compelling werent enough to convict, because of that history now anyone can be labelled, tinfoiled and dismissed just like "jews" can be "Zionists" and ... oh fuck it you get my point I think the list of labels being blanket statement are edess and only serve to obfuscate the truths.

Its just like the dark ages all over again, nothing but hysteria and witch hunts, blanket accusations and labels, damn the evidence, damn the truth and the "righteous" are the worst offenders of them all.

How do you reconcile that? How do you make it fit together that the same people who staged the 9/11 attacks on their own country in order to start a war and make billions of dollars can't follow through and make a video using a guy who looks at least somewhat like Bin Laden?
Pope a thing of this magnitude is perpetrated by relatively few people - the people at the top, and somehow justified to the rest using a variety of means im sure and then they must get ones other them to help them maintain what they have done... Im sure not all cooperate as willingly as say Orielly or Clinton or Geraldo or take your pick, you get my point dont you?

Do you actualy look at the videos i've posted or do you rule out and ignore any evidence out of hand like you did with Zeitgeist, posting a totally irrelevant "rebuttal" against it in ten minutes after I posted it when the thing is two fucking hours long, then when someone finds and bumps it recently you lock the thread.

Do you stand for truth and freedom and individuals ability to look at all information availible and make up thier own minds or are you more interested and invested in the control of information? Unfortunately youve shown only the latter.

Theres pleanty of evidence out there clearly pointing directly at Bush and Co im not going to go back and supply them to you yet again when all you do is ignore it anyway, or worse throw out 10 second google nonsense as fact and condemn the entire thing in a blanket statement from hell.

If you want to maintain that a guy in a fucking cave in afghanistan or wherever in the middle east when we have troops in damn near every country in that region a fact alone which would piss any human being off reguardless thier religion or race or creed and make them feel attacked and create yet more "terrorists", ignore that weve let him go when we could have gotten him, ignore that Osama is friends with Bush, his family and himself owns Oil companys with Bush and has other close business ties with them, is a known and funded CIA agent who has been to the white house numerous times, whose Code name in the CIA was Tim Osmond, whose attack was pulled off with fucking butterknives or some shit and after the planes disintegrated (including the titanium alloy engnes on the amazing pentalawn), if you want to ignore the sold stocks (put orders) immediately before the attacks, ignore bushs brother was installed before 911 as the towers chief of security, ignore the owner (Larry Silverstien) of WTC7 admitted on tape they used charges to bring it down which means the goddamn charges had to be placed obviously before 911 yet is completely ignore by the underfunded 911 commision report which was not taken under oath, ignore the PNAC documents written long before 911 while Cheney chaired the CFR that wrote it in which it called for a "pearl harbor event" which would generate support for an attack on Iraq, ignore all this which is just the fucking tip of the iceburg... then I cant help you Popekevin.

The bottom line is you either have love in your heart, and wit love support freedom and truth of men, or have hate in your heart and all that hate brings like calling yourself religious or "christian" yet perpetuating lies and composing your political or worldview based on fear and deception and sheer drone minded hate.

Then somehow hope for us to have respect for you.

If 911 truth is such nonsense and ravings of crazy people like you and others like Orielly like to put it than why is it consistantly at the top of youtube and google?

Wake up brother, before its too late
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