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Pope just quit lying to yourself man its already been proven its a different person each time those "tapes" come out at each low in the polls. For gods sake the last ones speech was written by an american agent! Just stop Pope serious if not for yourself than for the children of the future... let the truth lead where it may.

Just stop, please, not for me but for yourself, it must be difficult maintaining the lie inside your own mind when the paradoxs just keep piling up.

The paradox is the idea that our government (or secret societies or lizards from outer space or whoever) would so expertly begin the conspiracy, and then have it fall apart by leaving the accused suicide terrorists alive and in public or producing poorly-made Bin Laden tapes when they clearly have the resources to tie up loose ends like that and not risk exposure and world-wide revolt.

How do you reconcile that? How do you make it fit together that the same people who staged the 9/11 attacks on their own country in order to start a war and make billions of dollars can't follow through and make a video using a guy who looks at least somewhat like Bin Laden?
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