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Heroes of Newerth (DOTA)

Anyone else play this yet?? Essentially DOTA with updated graphics and a better interface. I thought it was cool how they even got permission from Icefrog even though they probably didn't need it.

So far I have to say that I'm really loving it! Same gameplay as DOTA and same heroes (although new names and spell effects) What I think is the best is that it opens the gameplay up for different maps. I've only played two maps (the original and a vertical like one) thus far, but has a lot of potential!!

It basically feels like they took everything that was kind of annoying about and fixed it, along with implementing a ton of new stuff like VoIP. It's still in beta but fun as hell!!

Here's a link to a video on their facebook page:

Sorry if there was already a thread but I didn't see anything

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