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Well you`re right, it cant allways be reversed but no reason to freeze sperm. Even after the OP i would produce sperm and in case i need it my doctor could just use a injection to get some.
Well perhaps getting kids isn`t that funny this way but it works.

The other thing is that it would quite well fit my current life. I am 20 and don`t wanna have kids for the next ten years and to be sure I dont get one I won`t rely on a girl telling me she`s on birth control. First of all cause I trust nobody and second cause it`s not only the girls how are in cahrge to prevent unplaned pregnancy. I wish there would be any alternatives but there aren`t. The only things boys can do to prevent pregnancy is using a condome what I don`t like to.

It sounds good but somehow I don`t feel good about having my best part operated.
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