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lol wtf

everyone uses fobs now but I guess it could conceivably come in handy

I was at trader joes the other day and this chick locked herself out of her car so for people like that? Also kids, ie go get a juice box out of the minivan but dno't lose the keys.....
We have a fob as well but the keypad does come in quite handy. I use it WAY more than I expected.

* Outside in yard, need sunglasses, I can use the keypad to get them.
* At the beach/event/etc, I can lock the keys in the car instead of taking them with me.
* Wife has the keys, I can still get in.
* A few times the wife and I have traveled we end up on strange schedules, I leave the car at the airport and she can pick it up after returning from a flight.
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