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Those 3800 series engines are fucking go-getters. They take so much damn abuse. Nice find for under 5K. Looks clean!

I think you're thinking of the GM supercharged 3.8 (aka 3800 Series II Supercharged etc.) This was Ford's answer to that engine, although only the Ford one got put into something RWD and available with stick. Hence instantly making it the only one worth a damn

This 3.8 SC in 89-93 cars was rated at 210hp @ 4000rpm and 315lbs ft @ 2600rpm. Basically it's like a freaking diesel from the factory in terms of power band. The optimum shift point is around 4800rpm, it's ridiculous. On the other hand it has metric shit-tons of torque. It's pretty easy to see like 350-370 toarks to the wheels with bolt on mods. Getting them to "breathe" higher up takes a lot more work though, e.g. ported heads, bigger cam, etc.

Unfortunately they were also known to blow headgaskets. It's almost a sure thing that a stock one will eventually blow a head gasket. Thankfully I won't have to worry about that on this car though.

Anyhoo... He'll be sending me photos as he progresses in the build so I can post them here. Holy shit, actual content?!?!?!
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